ADS Stamp Token Sale

Hello, ADS farm community, We hope that you are fine! When it comes to us, we have a few biggest updates about your favorite token ADS STAMP. 🔥🔥

We see that Ads community Consistent Support in our previous program shows your gigantic trust for the future of Ads Farm Ltd.

We confirm that the Ads Farm Ltd is now licensed in UK regulations.

Now we announce our Biggest Project ADS STAMP ICO (Private Sell) is live from 1 April to 30 April on for 30 days.

Private sales price: 0.50 USD per token

Public sales Price: 1.00 USD per token.

You will receive tokens within 24 hours on your BSC wallet (Trust wallet or MetaMask).

Download the Trust Wallet or MetaMask app 

And Configure the contract address on the BSC network.

ADS Stamp Contract Address


Also, We proudly present the name and main idea of White paper that will publish on 1 April 🔥🔥
We have confirmed the cooperation with the Digital journal and Market watch will Publish the Ads Stamp token sell announcement in this timeframe.

By using the ADS STAMP token, you will get an exclusive discount on ADS farm projects (ADS B2B, ADS PUBLICATION, ADS STALL, ADS FINTECH & ADS VISA CARD)

Become an ADS Stamp token owner you can save, lend, and spend lots. We will reward the best of token holders! 🎁🎁
Company number: 13869380
Also, we opened Our Telegram channel on 1 April for maximum Updates of our ADS STAMP token sales.

Now is the best time! Nothing easier than clicking a button and enjoying the profits increasing with each round of token sales. 🎉🎉